Corporate Sales

Save BIG on your office purchases

We, Quickmart LTD, are pleased to introduce our corporate business to you.

We are one of the fastest growing retail chains in terms of strategy and innovation. Established over a decade ago, Quickmart LTD boasts a network of 51 branches spread geographically across the counties.

This presence presents an added advantage in enabling us serve our customers from various locations.

We are seeking to extend our satisfactory customer services by offering our retail services to your (corporate) institution. Our goal is to provide you with the best service at your convenience coupled by exciting prices.

We trust that we shall give you value that will go a long way to making your corporate procuring operations pleasant, manageable and efficient.

Please apply and become one of our many corporate account holders and enjoy loads of benefits.

Some of the benefits include but are not limited to;

Special discounts

We offer discounts subject to quantities ordered, availability and negotiations.

Most of the discounts offered are on furniture, electronic goods, deli services and large orders on meat products. Discounts are approved on case by case.

Free delivery

We offer free delivery to our corporate clients, subject to distance, quantity and value of goods ordered.

Various modes of payment

As a corporate customer, you can choose the most convenient payment method among them cheque, EFT, RTGS, M-pesa, etc. You can apply for a credit facility of up to 30 days. Credit limit is determined after vetting by our able finance team in conjunction with the commercial department. However, please note that you can still pay after each transaction to ensure you have room for more shopping.

Round the clock customized customer service

As a corporate customer, you are entitled to personalized customer care services 24/7 with same day order placement and delivery.

Loyalty points

Most corporates that buy from the outlets on cash basis do not enjoy the reward points that are offered due to lack of loyalty program registration. Once you open a corporate account we shall enroll your company’s name in the program to ensure that you earn and redeem points at your convenience.

Email correspondence

As a corporate customer you don’t have to physically visit our outlets to carry out your shopping. You can email your orders at the comfort of your office.

On filling our credit facility form, properly signed and stamped, the application will go through a vetting process. If the application is successful, your account is created within a week after which you will receive a notification. Our able corporate sales team will be happy to meet you, understand your needs and give more insight on our services. We trust we shall give you a world class experience on your shopping while creating more time for your staff to attend to other duties. We are happy to provide on request references of corporate customers who are already enjoying our services.
For further clarification, enquiry or otherwise please contact us.

Corporate Sales Manager
Tel : 0720380912